Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Excellent!!! I now have covers I'm happier with on books one to seven, I'm now considering redoing them on books eight and nine, the images are ok but the lettering isn't right. Not all of the book have "life in bondage" on the covers, does it really matter??? Or am I just being piccy??? I made the title change so the books would show up better in searches but by the time some one has read as far as book seven are they really going to care about the covers but am I going to be able to chill out about them not being just right?

No point asking the boss he just looks blank when I ask for opinion about this kind of thing, enough the subject is driving me nuts now!!!

I've decide that Agatha will be the keeper of freaks, breaking and binding pretty girls because she's jealous. 

If a sub has spent years confined and abused, to the point that their body is bent and broken, would release be a mercy of more torture?

After all if a modified body can't be fixed it still needs to be cared for!

How do you price up a second hand body for sale? By the lb? By the number of modifications? or the lack of? Maybe it's by the number of fuckable holes?

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