Sunday, 8 September 2013

Anyone familiar with Insex or Infernal restraints will know the awesome PD! A man with a genius for making women scream and as we all know, when it comes to good porn, it's as much about the sound as the vision. He has the most delicious serial killer vibe going on !!!! Never wanted a man to hurt me so bad. In fact the boss should be grateful to PD, watching his work has very frequently been the cause of my pouncing on him and demanding suitable punishment and abuse. Elise Graves, Aug 30th, safe house shoot with PD for Infernal Restraints is art!! A perverted joy to behold. After reviewing it for "research" purposes last night a date has been made for a weekend of debauchery!! A new can of rubber shine has been ordered and I have a new ring gag to play with. I must have spent £100's on gags over the years but nothings ever quite right.

The wonderful Elise Graves who's face and voice express pain so beautifully!

An example of PD's art

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