Sunday, 29 September 2013

God I hate editing! I love writing the stories but having to do the nit picking is sooo slow and boring. A necessary evil I know but still no fun. I wanted to be doing the final proof read today but as so often happens life got in the way. Much as I'd like to be able to devote all my spare time to writing some ones got to do the day to day stuff like clean out the fish tank etc (I can tell you're jealous of my rock and roll lifestyle). I'd love to know how people live the lifestyle 24/7.

I should devote this evening to more editing but I want to spend the time by a bonfire with my boss, I'm feeling a bit loved up at the moment and don't want to waste an opportunity to spend some time with him. Cherry brandy by a roaring fire, nice!

I want to go straight into writing story 15, usually I take some time out for my 'proper' novel but I know exactly what I want to do with Lydia and the idea is playing on my mind. She's laying waiting to be written about, the thought of her stretched out and waiting is making me fidgety, if you know what I mean.

I've set aside the weekend after next for lots of bound debauchery, I've got a long weekend off from work and I'm going to spend it being used and abused!

I've decided to say a thank you for reviews at the end of 14, it seems rude not to people have been so kind.

I need to add one more scene into story 14, I'm torn

Should my new addition be a tightly laced victim helpless and scared
a brain washed latex diaper slut begging for abuse

Decisions, decisions

The idea of either turns me on

There's something going on with my external hard, it's not behaving. I've got a new one on order and just have to hope nothing catastrophic happens before I can get everything transferred, losing my porn collection would be heartbreaking!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Well, it was a tough decision to make but I'm going back to kdp select, despite all the effort editing and jumping through hoops smashwords hasn't paid off so I'm just going to be published on Kindle from now on. Maybe Kindle owners are just more dirty minded, who knows?

Perfect position for holding a Kindle ?
Time, never enough time! I've got a to do list slightly longer than the local phone book. There's all the every day mundane stuff like cleaning, emailing my mum, cooking etc. Then there's the book related stuff, my entries on good reads need editing, the covers are the old ones and of course this blog is woefully neglected, that being said other than being a chance for me to talk to myself, I'm not sure anyone would miss it if I let it drop.

I have to decide whether to reach out and try and make contact with readers, I really want to say thank you to reviewers but having read some of the scare stories about trolls and bullies on good reads I'm wondering if it's just better to sit down and shut up? What to do, what to do?

I need to stop moaning and get my shit together, maybe a little enforced silence would help me concentrate?

So do I reach out to readers and risk attracting a troll? Do I continue with this blog? 
Talk about first world problems!
It was the bosses birthday this week and one of the things I got him was a nice new bottle of rubber shine. If I'm honest it's as much for me as him, standing hands on head while he polishes me. Being objectified and adored all at the same time!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Started my day just as I planned too, laying on the bathroom floor! Scat does nothing for me, I can't clean up the aftermath of an enema fast enough but there is nothing like the over stretched feeling a belly full of heavy, heavy liquid gives. Round and tight, that dull ache inside my body feels so good. There's no sensation like it, using an inflatable plug to enforce holding, prolonging the rolling cramps which make me feel somehow controlled. Then the hollow empty feeling when I'm done, love it. It's one of the things I get up to when the Boss is out (we've each got our secrets).

Thursday, 19 September 2013

WOW! Book 14 is really out there! I'm not sure how the story lines progressing but my god are these women suffering. I'm a bad girl doing these rotten things to my own sex. This stuff is cruel and physically impossible. Is setting theses stories in the future, so I can pretend this shit happens cheating? (probably).

I guess I'm about 2, 3rds of the way towards finishing the writing and as long as I can get a couple of days editing time I should be able to upload by the end of September, which has gone soooo fast. Work has been busy as hell which has meant no time for covert writing while my boss has been out the room but if I try and keep focused I should be on track. The frantic schedule at work has left me knackered but I can't complain, so many people have lost their jobs lately. I'm doubly blessed, it's a good job that pays well and I enjoy it, I've got to be grateful. Which I am, in fact I'm feeling a bit loved up at the moment.

Luckily I've got the next two days off so I'm going to chill, write and play with myself. If I don't have to get up for work, it inevitably means late night porn, masturbation and sex toys. I'm not a great housekeeper but getting odds and ends done while your pussy and butt are full and plugged makes it a bit less tedious.

If things go to plan, I've got the house to myself for most of tomorrow so I'm going to start my day with an enema, I'll keep you posted ;-)

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Book 14 keeps going off at tangents, daft as it sounds it's writing itself too fast. I have to keep making adjustments so it flows in the right direction. I'm very pleased with my girl in her bottle, now it's time to make a final decision about the collection. I thought I knew what I was going with but it keeps changing, time to make some proper notes. I know what ever has been done to them has to be cruel and permanent. I'm thinking about going to Steinmetz's hospital next, do you like that idea silent readers ???

Anyone familiar with Insex or Infernal restraints will know the awesome PD! A man with a genius for making women scream and as we all know, when it comes to good porn, it's as much about the sound as the vision. He has the most delicious serial killer vibe going on !!!! Never wanted a man to hurt me so bad. In fact the boss should be grateful to PD, watching his work has very frequently been the cause of my pouncing on him and demanding suitable punishment and abuse. Elise Graves, Aug 30th, safe house shoot with PD for Infernal Restraints is art!! A perverted joy to behold. After reviewing it for "research" purposes last night a date has been made for a weekend of debauchery!! A new can of rubber shine has been ordered and I have a new ring gag to play with. I must have spent £100's on gags over the years but nothings ever quite right.

The wonderful Elise Graves who's face and voice express pain so beautifully!

An example of PD's art
I am so pleased with the new covers, ok not perfect but I like the simplicity of the new styles. As I've published I've been able to play and see what works. I also like the idea that the items used are all genuinely from my toy box! The teeth marks on the gags really are mine! Anything else is thoroughly disinfected after use (ahem).

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Excellent!!! I now have covers I'm happier with on books one to seven, I'm now considering redoing them on books eight and nine, the images are ok but the lettering isn't right. Not all of the book have "life in bondage" on the covers, does it really matter??? Or am I just being piccy??? I made the title change so the books would show up better in searches but by the time some one has read as far as book seven are they really going to care about the covers but am I going to be able to chill out about them not being just right?

No point asking the boss he just looks blank when I ask for opinion about this kind of thing, enough the subject is driving me nuts now!!!

I've decide that Agatha will be the keeper of freaks, breaking and binding pretty girls because she's jealous. 

If a sub has spent years confined and abused, to the point that their body is bent and broken, would release be a mercy of more torture?

After all if a modified body can't be fixed it still needs to be cared for!

How do you price up a second hand body for sale? By the lb? By the number of modifications? or the lack of? Maybe it's by the number of fuckable holes?

Monday, 2 September 2013

I've spent the day taking loads of photos of gear so I can redo the older covers, I wanted to get lots done at once so I don't have to keep messing about. Sitting on the floor makes me an instant attraction to the cat however, who just would not get the message to clear off!

I love the tatty old fool to bits but he's not really cover material!!!

I've got a bit of a balancing act to pull off now, I really really want to redo the old covers because they bug the hell out of me BUT I also need to keep new books coming. As always it comes down to never having enough time, I'm no expert with photoshop etc, so getting covers right takes ages and a decent story doesn't happen over night.

What I don't want is to throw a sub standard story out just for the sake of getting something published, if people are kind enough to keep reading the least I can do is make an effort to produce my best (that's not butt kissing, I genuinely do feel flattered that readers are following the books).

Maybe if I had a bit more self discipline I'd manage my time better, or maybe it's just discipline I need full stop?

If spanking was the punishment for not getting stuff done, I'd never lift a finger!