Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Well, I think book 13's done. I know that sounds weird but the story has come to a natural halt, it's one of the shorter ones but padding the narrative just for bulk isn't my style. Luckily I've got some time to spare so I should be ready to publish fairly early next week.

I mentioned in a previous post about serial returners, people who download one copy of each story then return them but I've now had a couple of copies of book three returned. I know if some one is playing the system they're not going to be honest about why they're returning something but I'd love to know the why from the genuine returners!

If it's not overwhelmingly hot at the weekend we'll get the rubber gear out, there's never enough time to play. I'm not sure if writing the books makes the desire to play games stronger or keeps it at bay? It's a bit of an age old question that, does porn make things worse or better? And come to that is the effect of writing it different to reading it?

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