Sunday, 4 August 2013

Well the boss is out tonight so it's my chance to mess about with my new gag.I like to have a play with stuff on my own for a bit just to suss them out before introducing them into games. Nothing like finding out something doesn't fit or pinches mid game to spoil the flow.

Story ( I can't call them books if I'm honest) 13 is trundling along nicely but I'm at an absolute loss about where 14 should go! I'm toying with the idea of asking for feedback and perhaps saying thanks at the end of 13 but it feels like tempting fate. How does the saying go "be careful what you ask for".

I don't want to sound like I'm fishing for compliments or that I take this story telling too seriously.

A little flurry of sales today but they follow the pattern of the phantom returners, buy one of each, then return the lot, I guess time will tell.

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