Friday, 9 August 2013

Today I finished the first edit of book 13, tomorrow I dress in head to toe black rubber and make my boss happy!. I have he most gorgeous pair of zip through leggings, shirt and corset. After shaving and dressing I will stand before him while he polishes me, each cold dusting of silicon being caressed into the most perfect shine. How I love to stand to attention while he tells me to turn, examining every inch of my body to make sure I meet his high standards.

As I sit around the house it's all he can do to take his eyes off me, every smile and glance makes him hard. He has all day to play but it doesn't take long before he's cuming. I love teasing and sucking his cock till he can't hold back. Using the rings to lock my lips doesn't help him, it just makes he want what he can't have all the more!!!!

I can't decide how I want him to me tie up.....................any suggestions??????

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