Saturday, 17 August 2013

Not too happy with the cover for 13 but limited for time to get it up and running. I'm toying with the idea or redoing a lot of the covers, I think I prefer the simple ones, more elegant less cluttered. I'd love some feedback about the cover of book one, I have a feeling it doesn't sell the book very well. I like my covers to be different. Most of my genres covers are very similar, semi naked kneeling women, blindfolds, man standing looking over meek looking woman's shoulder etc!

Ok, I've decided, I'll make it a project when I'm next off work to redo the covers. If I set aside a day to get it done questions about quality will stop bugging me.

I was really stuck about where 14 was going to go but a deliciously cruel idea is forming. Imagine collecting and owning people, storing them, keeping them hidden until you want to play. Agatha wants to own Sara she says she loves her. I love my cat but it doesn't stop me from owning two of them. Time for some fun with Agatha the collector.

I had a very vivid dream last night, one of the ones that it's difficult to shake off even when you wake up.

For some reason I was going to a supermarket, not one I know, it was some kind of 70's, dystopian, warehouse like structure (don't ask me why it was a dream!) At the back of this vast and slightly surreal space I found a ramp which led to a small, rough kind of unfinished space (bare wood and plaster board).

Inside were beds like those used for massage and on top of them were mummies, made from bandage, plaster and plastic. Each had a breathing tube and from these tubes I could hear faint mumbles and screams echoing. The mummies contained living people, they rocked gently as the people inside struggled. They sounded trapped and scared but I wanted to be mummified like them, so badly.

A few people milled around the mummies, I remember some were covering a bandaged body with plaster. I told a young woman with a long sleek brown ponytail that I wanted to be mummified. She grabbed my collar and pulled me down, telling me to lick her pussy, which I did.

I woke up thinking how I was going to tell the boss what I'd discovered and that I wanted to go back to this room and be mummified!

Don't get me wrong it was a good dream, just describing the mummies and how much I wanted to be one of them is pushing all the right buttons but I'm damned if I know what it means???

My mojo's been a bit off kilter since Monday ( long story) but I think it's coming back on line ;-)

Yes boss!

Please Boss.....

Fuck me like a doll Boss!!!

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