Sunday, 25 August 2013

Last nights writing is taking me in the wrong direction so I need to go back a couple of chapters and re think. It was too muddled and bland. I want James to uncover Agatha's dark side. Maybe a few living skeletons in her closet, locked away in the dark, silently screaming.

I like the idea of her collecting women like dolls, fat little Agatha collecting pretty dolls, then locking them away so no one but her can play with them. Jealous, spiteful Agatha who hurts her dolls when she's in a bad mood. Also James hasn't had nearly enough sex in the last couple of books so I might let him loose with Agatha's toys.

Straps and corsets, piercings and chains. Locked away by Agatha suffering in the dark!!!

Deaf and blind, bound and gagged. Praying for some one to remember you're hidden away but knowing that when they do it's going to hurt!!!

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