Monday, 19 August 2013

Book 13 now in review on Amazon!!!!! and believe it or not book 14 is already taking shape in my mind, I fancy getting all fantasy techno with it. Lots of machines and body mods. I'm obsessing about butt plugs again so there'll probably be a fair bit of anal too.

I decided not to put a personal message at the end of thirteen after all, seemed cheesy. I really would love to make a connection with readers but I've given up on the idea, rather than make a fool of myself I'll stick to talking to no one here!

Not sure at the moment wether to upload to smashwords or not? Doesn't seem worth the effort the sales are all on Amazon.

Now, time to let my imagination get freaky...........................

Who does Agatha own and what has she done to them?????

All suggestions welcome

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