Thursday, 29 August 2013

I think I'm going to make Agatha's collection of toy's a twisted little freak show. Bound and twisted limbs, body mods and suffering of all kinds. Pain, mutilation, tubes and torment! Stitched lips, human puppets, bottled bodies!!

Now I need to decide is where she keeps them
A safe deposit big enough for storing people?

Answers on a postcard please xx

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Last nights writing is taking me in the wrong direction so I need to go back a couple of chapters and re think. It was too muddled and bland. I want James to uncover Agatha's dark side. Maybe a few living skeletons in her closet, locked away in the dark, silently screaming.

I like the idea of her collecting women like dolls, fat little Agatha collecting pretty dolls, then locking them away so no one but her can play with them. Jealous, spiteful Agatha who hurts her dolls when she's in a bad mood. Also James hasn't had nearly enough sex in the last couple of books so I might let him loose with Agatha's toys.

Straps and corsets, piercings and chains. Locked away by Agatha suffering in the dark!!!

Deaf and blind, bound and gagged. Praying for some one to remember you're hidden away but knowing that when they do it's going to hurt!!!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Book 13 now in review on Amazon!!!!! and believe it or not book 14 is already taking shape in my mind, I fancy getting all fantasy techno with it. Lots of machines and body mods. I'm obsessing about butt plugs again so there'll probably be a fair bit of anal too.

I decided not to put a personal message at the end of thirteen after all, seemed cheesy. I really would love to make a connection with readers but I've given up on the idea, rather than make a fool of myself I'll stick to talking to no one here!

Not sure at the moment wether to upload to smashwords or not? Doesn't seem worth the effort the sales are all on Amazon.

Now, time to let my imagination get freaky...........................

Who does Agatha own and what has she done to them?????

All suggestions welcome

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Not too happy with the cover for 13 but limited for time to get it up and running. I'm toying with the idea or redoing a lot of the covers, I think I prefer the simple ones, more elegant less cluttered. I'd love some feedback about the cover of book one, I have a feeling it doesn't sell the book very well. I like my covers to be different. Most of my genres covers are very similar, semi naked kneeling women, blindfolds, man standing looking over meek looking woman's shoulder etc!

Ok, I've decided, I'll make it a project when I'm next off work to redo the covers. If I set aside a day to get it done questions about quality will stop bugging me.

I was really stuck about where 14 was going to go but a deliciously cruel idea is forming. Imagine collecting and owning people, storing them, keeping them hidden until you want to play. Agatha wants to own Sara she says she loves her. I love my cat but it doesn't stop me from owning two of them. Time for some fun with Agatha the collector.

I had a very vivid dream last night, one of the ones that it's difficult to shake off even when you wake up.

For some reason I was going to a supermarket, not one I know, it was some kind of 70's, dystopian, warehouse like structure (don't ask me why it was a dream!) At the back of this vast and slightly surreal space I found a ramp which led to a small, rough kind of unfinished space (bare wood and plaster board).

Inside were beds like those used for massage and on top of them were mummies, made from bandage, plaster and plastic. Each had a breathing tube and from these tubes I could hear faint mumbles and screams echoing. The mummies contained living people, they rocked gently as the people inside struggled. They sounded trapped and scared but I wanted to be mummified like them, so badly.

A few people milled around the mummies, I remember some were covering a bandaged body with plaster. I told a young woman with a long sleek brown ponytail that I wanted to be mummified. She grabbed my collar and pulled me down, telling me to lick her pussy, which I did.

I woke up thinking how I was going to tell the boss what I'd discovered and that I wanted to go back to this room and be mummified!

Don't get me wrong it was a good dream, just describing the mummies and how much I wanted to be one of them is pushing all the right buttons but I'm damned if I know what it means???

My mojo's been a bit off kilter since Monday ( long story) but I think it's coming back on line ;-)

Yes boss!

Please Boss.....

Fuck me like a doll Boss!!!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Other than the scammers I get very few returns but why when I do is it always book three.


Saturday, 10 August 2013

4pm, he couldn't wait any longer, tied me limb to limb and fucked me till he came.
Once I'm dressed and polished it's never long!!!

Now we eat and chill.
Later I will pay for my slutty behaviour
I will spend my evening gagged and bound
any way he sees fit.

He will hurt me

He will silence me

He will force me to cum 

and I can't wait xxxxxx
3:07pm, Sucked him hard, he bent me over the couch and fucked me from behind. Spanking given just because he could! 

1pm, I am shaved clean, every curly blonde hair removed, so my pussy is now smooth and clean, just how the boss likes it!

1:30pm, I am head to foot in black latex.

2pm, I'm making my boss happy, doing as I'm told and being a dirty little cock suck.

He uses my pony tail like a handle and controls me, I love it tbc..........

Friday, 9 August 2013

Today I finished the first edit of book 13, tomorrow I dress in head to toe black rubber and make my boss happy!. I have he most gorgeous pair of zip through leggings, shirt and corset. After shaving and dressing I will stand before him while he polishes me, each cold dusting of silicon being caressed into the most perfect shine. How I love to stand to attention while he tells me to turn, examining every inch of my body to make sure I meet his high standards.

As I sit around the house it's all he can do to take his eyes off me, every smile and glance makes him hard. He has all day to play but it doesn't take long before he's cuming. I love teasing and sucking his cock till he can't hold back. Using the rings to lock my lips doesn't help him, it just makes he want what he can't have all the more!!!!

I can't decide how I want him to me tie up.....................any suggestions??????

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Well, I think book 13's done. I know that sounds weird but the story has come to a natural halt, it's one of the shorter ones but padding the narrative just for bulk isn't my style. Luckily I've got some time to spare so I should be ready to publish fairly early next week.

I mentioned in a previous post about serial returners, people who download one copy of each story then return them but I've now had a couple of copies of book three returned. I know if some one is playing the system they're not going to be honest about why they're returning something but I'd love to know the why from the genuine returners!

If it's not overwhelmingly hot at the weekend we'll get the rubber gear out, there's never enough time to play. I'm not sure if writing the books makes the desire to play games stronger or keeps it at bay? It's a bit of an age old question that, does porn make things worse or better? And come to that is the effect of writing it different to reading it?

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Well the boss is out tonight so it's my chance to mess about with my new gag.I like to have a play with stuff on my own for a bit just to suss them out before introducing them into games. Nothing like finding out something doesn't fit or pinches mid game to spoil the flow.

Story ( I can't call them books if I'm honest) 13 is trundling along nicely but I'm at an absolute loss about where 14 should go! I'm toying with the idea of asking for feedback and perhaps saying thanks at the end of 13 but it feels like tempting fate. How does the saying go "be careful what you ask for".

I don't want to sound like I'm fishing for compliments or that I take this story telling too seriously.

A little flurry of sales today but they follow the pattern of the phantom returners, buy one of each, then return the lot, I guess time will tell.