Sunday, 14 July 2013

I know I'm only writing for the fun of it, I'm not relying on royalties to keep a roof over my head or put food in my kids mouths (not that I've got any but you know what I mean) but when some one downloads a book only to return it after reading is still irritating. I can always tell when a scammers at work, they download one of each book then return the lot shortly afterwards! Some one did it on Friday on now some one is doing it on I'm fortunate that returns are rare, so this behaviour sticks out like a sore thumb. After all who downloads 12 books only then to decide they hate them all, one yes, twelve no!

I keep reading that I need to do loads of marketing and I'd love more feedback about what people do or don't like but it doesn't really seem to be paying off, I've buggered up my goodreads account (how dumb do you have to be to put your own name in wrong for gods sake!) And I'm pretty convinced I'm just blogging for myself now so what to do?

I guess I'll just keep doing what I enjoy. Still haven't decided about the butt toys either, I'm beginning to think I'm a hopeless case!

I've noticed recently that if the boss and I don't have regular sex I get rather ratty with him? Damned if I know why some definite psychology going on there, snapped at him earlier today but intend to make it up to him in the best possible way tonight.

The first predicament in book 13 looks a little like this, the second involves a spade !

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