Monday, 8 July 2013

Butt plugs! There is an absolutely bewildering array and I've lost count over the years how many I've bought that weren't quite right. I've got a lovely big steel one but the base is badly designed and digs in. I want that heavy full, stretched feeling without any pinching. I'm reluctant to cough up too much cash because they're not exactly the kind of thing that do well resale if it's not right, no point wasting money for something to sit in a cupboard.

I keep mulling over the idea of getting an inflatable enema plug, kill two birds with one stone? That nice full crampy sensation of a belly full of fluid combined with the heavy, stretched ache of a full ass.

I love watching my belly grow as I'm filled with warm water, feeling it become hard and heavy. Having to wait until I'm given permission to let go. Having your body under some one else's control is so very sweet.

Just to make the choice even harder I spotted this little gem, looks like it would fill me up nicely!

Decisions, decisions!

It's about time there was an alternative to the clunky, impractical and novelty chastity devices.

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