Sunday, 28 July 2013

My stories have been described as "torture porn", is it twisted that I consider it a compliment?

Friday, 26 July 2013

Brilliant! I get a mention on goodreads and it's some one starting an argument with a serious author! The upside however is that it's helped me make up my mind about the whole publicity thing. I'm crap at it, so I'm giving up. I started writing for fun and the books sell ok without it, so I'm just going to do what I enjoy. The plan was never to write full time and I have to either do one thing well or lots of things badly in the time I have available.

This blog rather proves my point, I can't devote enough time to make it something great, it's nice to talk to myself but I'm not about to set the world alight. I hoped to get some reader feed back but it's a vicious circle. Who's honestly going to join in on my nattering about the toys I want and my day to day life is hardly inspiring. What should I talk about first, the fact that my raspberry canes are suffering from rust or the fact my old cat seems to be a bottomless pit who won't stop eating or maybe a couple of pages about how my lounge rug seems to be smelling bad. That really is all that's going on in my life today and trust me tomorrow won't be any more exciting!!

Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want anyone to think that I'm moaning, I'm very happy with my quiet little life. I love my man, I've got a job I enjoy, I'm just not a born blogger.

Anyway it's pay day so I'm off to pay my council tax and order one of those groovy gum shield gags and maybe a new butt plug or an ass hook, def must get some tissue paper to pack my rubber gear up properly!!!!!

Friday, 19 July 2013

This looks like a groovy gag! 

I've bought so many different gags over the years but never found anything that I've been 100% happy with. Partly because I'm a bit of a houdini and unless something is uncomfortably tight I can usually get out of it and also because I have trouble breathing through my nostrils. I've played around with gum shields for gagging before and liked them, so roll on pay day, it'd also look great on the cover of book 13.

I think I've finally made my mind up about butt plugs, this one looks good


I like these too!

I really need to stop window shopping for toys and get on with some writing!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Would it be cheesy to say thank you to readers at the end of the next book? Is asking for reviews tempting fate? I'd love some feedback but there are so many trolls just waiting for an opening to pounce! I'm doing this for the fun of it maybe I should just hang around and see what happens?

Sunday, 14 July 2013

I know I'm only writing for the fun of it, I'm not relying on royalties to keep a roof over my head or put food in my kids mouths (not that I've got any but you know what I mean) but when some one downloads a book only to return it after reading is still irritating. I can always tell when a scammers at work, they download one of each book then return the lot shortly afterwards! Some one did it on Friday on now some one is doing it on I'm fortunate that returns are rare, so this behaviour sticks out like a sore thumb. After all who downloads 12 books only then to decide they hate them all, one yes, twelve no!

I keep reading that I need to do loads of marketing and I'd love more feedback about what people do or don't like but it doesn't really seem to be paying off, I've buggered up my goodreads account (how dumb do you have to be to put your own name in wrong for gods sake!) And I'm pretty convinced I'm just blogging for myself now so what to do?

I guess I'll just keep doing what I enjoy. Still haven't decided about the butt toys either, I'm beginning to think I'm a hopeless case!

I've noticed recently that if the boss and I don't have regular sex I get rather ratty with him? Damned if I know why some definite psychology going on there, snapped at him earlier today but intend to make it up to him in the best possible way tonight.

The first predicament in book 13 looks a little like this, the second involves a spade !

Monday, 8 July 2013

Butt plugs! There is an absolutely bewildering array and I've lost count over the years how many I've bought that weren't quite right. I've got a lovely big steel one but the base is badly designed and digs in. I want that heavy full, stretched feeling without any pinching. I'm reluctant to cough up too much cash because they're not exactly the kind of thing that do well resale if it's not right, no point wasting money for something to sit in a cupboard.

I keep mulling over the idea of getting an inflatable enema plug, kill two birds with one stone? That nice full crampy sensation of a belly full of fluid combined with the heavy, stretched ache of a full ass.

I love watching my belly grow as I'm filled with warm water, feeling it become hard and heavy. Having to wait until I'm given permission to let go. Having your body under some one else's control is so very sweet.

Just to make the choice even harder I spotted this little gem, looks like it would fill me up nicely!

Decisions, decisions!

It's about time there was an alternative to the clunky, impractical and novelty chastity devices.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


So, after a Herculian effort we managed to shift 15 years worth of crap out of the spare room. All it needs now is a bit of decorating and we'll have a nice new play room yay!

Now, as I'm sure you can imaging amongst the junk, the vhs tapes, old clothes and busted lampshades there were certain items that needed more careful disposal. Don't get me wrong, I'm not ashamed of my kinky side but I DO NOT want to have a another encounter like the last time I went to the dump and the guy who unloaded the van spotted the fixing points screwed into the bed base I was getting rid of (super, SUPER creepy).

Anyway, anything that needs careful disposal goes on the bonfire, nothing like reducing some thing to ash to make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Deep down amongst the junk I found a file box full of stories and pictures, so I carefully rolled them up, tied them together and put them in the bonfire bag. Simple, job done you'd think but then the bag disappeared.

Somehow, amongst the chaos of shifting stuff out into the garden ready to go to the dump the bonfire bag got mixed up with everything else.

Not a problem, I hear you say. After all the stuffs all going to be shoved into land fill, who's going to be looking through bags full of crap? This is where the Boss's plan B (which I knew nothing about till it was too late) throws a spanner into the works.

Instead of taking it all to the dump, his friend is going to put it all in his garage, SORT THROUGH it all for scrap and salvage, before taking anything he can't use to the dump.

Now if memory serves me right the bag includes a print out of the story "brown gagged girl" and this:

Was one of the milder pictures, next time I see this guy he's either not going to look me in the eye, or it's going to be just like the guy at the dump, oh boy!