Wednesday, 19 June 2013

We need a storm! There's only one place to be when the weathers this humid and that's naked on a bed!! The plan for today was more writing to get book 12 finished but tinkering with covers and titles for smashwords ate up all my time! Anyway, here's a little bit of book 12 (totally unedited) to whet your appetite!

The cupboard itself, was padded with deep black rubber, buttons embedded in it's surface creating rounded diamonds in it's glossy surface. Fitted into the base of the cupboard was a black laquered trunk, no more than a few feet high it's edges and hinges were made of shining silver coloured metal, it's body large enough to swallow the body of the woman who's head emerged from it's top a padded collar edging the wood of the trunk encircling but not supporting her neck. "It's the very simplest of devices" smiled the duchess clearly, proud of what they were seeing. "Her body is held absolutely immobile, inside there. A company recently developed an expanding latex foam, once she was sealed into a punishment sack and placed in the box, any gaps were filled with the foam, it was fascinating to watch, it almost looked as if it was swallowing her as it grew up around her, creeping and slowly hardening. It's lightweight but impossible the breakout of " the governess talked about the woman and her restraints in a very pragmatic and slightly dispationate way. The expression on the face of her subject was anything but. She had clearly been in the box for some time and the strain was showing. "How long has she been in there?" Enquired James mesmerised by the sight of this woman's disembodied head. The governess shook her head slowly, "do you know I'm not entirely sure! I tell you what I'll send one of the staff to check on her in a couple of hours" at the promise of yet more hours being spent in the box the woman began to cry a faint howl rising from her rubber sealed mouth. "Oh do shut up!" Sighed the governess as if very bored with hearing such pitiful cries. She reached behind the woman's head and flicked a switch on the tips of the box. The effect on the woman was as if she'd been frozen.

That's better, much cooler now!

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