Sunday, 30 June 2013

Book 12 almost ready to roll now, just need to get on with getting the cover done! Spent the day clearing the spare room yawn! Rather surprised to find a big bag of gear I'd forgotten about. Bought a new bit gag not so long ago only to find I already had one squireled away (and rather annoyingly it's better than the new one). Eventually the plan is to turn the spare room into a proper play room, I've seen THE most awesome benches on ebay. This week has to just be about clearing crap hopefully in a few weeks we can get some decorating done make it a usable space. Big upside of not having kids, is being able to use the house however we like and not having to keep packing stuff away and hiding it!!

One of these would be nice, who needs a spare bed when you could have something much more fun!

I've just had the best bbq, now I'm going to go sit out in my garden and watch the swifts soaring in a blue summer sky, bliss!

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