Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Rules of the game:

Wed & Thur are foreplay. Each time the boss ties Fb up and sexually assaults her, he earns a point.

Friday is game on, Fb will wear the bosses favourite out fit, rubber head to toe, shirt, corset, zip through leggings.

 Fb will spend the day with her mouth sealed and pussy locked, it will cost the boss one point each time he wants to use either, spanking is free and at the bosses discretion. If Fb makes sure the boss uses all of his points by Friday night he'll tie her up one last time and use his tongue to make her cum.

The boss is an expert, so his favours are only ever a reward for the most submissive behaviour and diligent sexual servitude.

It's a really easy way to get a game going but the things that give it a more serious edge are piercings and a little help from Axsmar.

It's a simple little toy but once it's secured to my nose and a padlock connected between it and the piercing in my bottom lip, my mouth belongs to the key holder. When the only time you can open your mouth is for your owner to slide his cock into it, you quickly start to look forward to giving head.

It the same when some one else controls your ass and pussy, as the saying goes you always want what you can't have!!!

I have a permanent collar and ankle cuff (good old Axsmar) so all it takes is a padlock and chain for me to really be the property of my beloved boss.

So jobs for today are: Making sure the gear is in order for the next couple of days, making sure I'm shaved clean and smooth (that's how the boss likes me) and finishing off the chapters on Anne Monique's mummification for book 11.

Early start tomorrow, have to make sure everywhere is ready for the bosses use, if you catch my drift xxx

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