Wednesday, 1 May 2013

I am bloody jinxed! Book eleven is sitting in my head but every time I try to get some writing done life gets in the way. Work has been busy as hell, usually I have hours to kill but not this week!! Then last night my ipod decided to piss about, good old updating means my groovy little writing app won't run on it any more. Rapidly falling out of love with apple! Never mind, so long as I really throw myself into it over the next couple of weeks it should take shape. I'm so full of ideas for the rest of the museum.

Loving this picture right now!!Seriously into the concept of a bound and modified sub being permanently displayed before a picture of the woman she once was. Once upon a time she oh so free and pretty! Now she's just a dirty little fuck pig displayed and degraded for others entertainment. She is sooo going into book eleven!

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