Thursday, 25 April 2013

STILL, waiting for the new laptop to be rehabilitated, so 2tb of bondage movies and pictures are sitting untouchable on external drives. I've been hoarding this kind of thing for 20+ years but I'm stuck having to raid other peoples collections for inspiration, oh well! And just to really piss me off I have a cold so any hardcore game play is off the cards for a few days.

As soon as I feel better I SOOOO want to do this, time to stock up on vet wrap!!! Love Devonshire productions btw, if anyone knows any sources to get my hands on them let me know, I have gaps in my collection!

Until I'm back up to speed I'll take my frustrations out on the girl in the white silk dress and the Duchess. In book 11, I'll let James lift that silk and fuck her in the ass good and hard! With her arms tied so tight and her mouth wired shut she's in no position to complain (I know I wouldn't). 

As for the Duchess, I'll let James have her in book 12. I think a set up something like this could be fun.

Needs a little work but the basic set up's a start, head held higher mouth open wide? I have absolutely no shame in admitting I write about what turns me on.

Just one last piccie! 

I love the look of this set up, imagine going to a party or club and finding some one kept like this. Your not allowed to release or touch them, all you can do is watch them struggle and listen to them whimper and moan. Or even better, imagine being the person inside! You can't escape, you just have to endure, hour upon hour, trapped inside. Bound and gagged, suffering whatever clips, clamps, vibes, plugs and tortures your owners chosen to inflict on you. All those people, looking at you, enjoying your suffering and humiliation but not one lifting a finger to help!!!

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