Sunday, 21 April 2013

Oh, how frustrating! Technology can be a joy or a torment. Just at the moment mine is currently being the latter. I'll try not to bore you with too much of the details but at the moment I'm running in a repaired laptop which has a tendency to blue screen for no apparent reason. Because of this I don't have access to my picture library, so I had a wander around my fave websites to look for some inspiration.

I came across some groovy pictures (which I'm sharing with you) for the upcoming doll hospital story but also a huge raft of banners for what are quite honestly REALLY lame sites. Ok we don't all have the same taste, fetish is a very subjective thing, every ones kink is different but I can't see the appeal in all these sites that have simpering women dressed in rubber making fake 'ooh' an 'ahh' noises while rather pointlessly stroking each other and god forbid they try to act!!!! "oh no, mistress is tying me up!!" cue feeble struggle and lots of lip licking. Awful, awful awful!!

Of course there's always one of the many, dumpy housewife in cheap corset sites to choose from. Women who are just a bit passed their prime posing tied to coffee tables and various bits of knackered house hold furniture. Ok that sounds harsh, I know everyone has a right to make money and indulge their whims but there really is some dross dressed up as fetish.

As atonement for my criticism of others, I promise, as a kinky woman past my prime, never to let my owner post pictures of me tied to various bits of knackered  household furniture anywhere on the internet.

Next time he chains me down to the bed and fucks me so hard in the ass, no gag on earth can keep me quiet it'll only appear as the written word, promise xxx

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