Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Book ten, now in review!

I'm not sure this cover is up to scratch?? but I'm pushed for time so it'll have to do till I get time to improve it. The museum has ended up stretching over two books, a couple of the scenes were just too much fun to cut down, once you get into writing some things it's tough to put the brakes on. The museum books are going to be full of the freaky out there stuff, I'm thinking maybe I should tone it down for the next location but not sure? After all how can somewhere like the doll hospital or the Duchess's be grounded, there just asking to be outrageous! Here's a little bit of the first museum instalment to get the juices flowing xxx

Her head and face were enclosed in a rubber hood, roughly shaped to resemble that of a dog, black lenses obscured her eyes and a muzzle held the elongated jaw firmly closed. She stood perfectly still on all fours, the way what remained of her limbs tapered elegantly down to thick leather pads made it clear she was severely surgically altered. Her legs ended at the knee and her hands had been removed. The aforementioned pee problem had been solved by the introduction of a catheter bag which hung from a strap around dog’s thigh. It was unlikely that how dog felt about being so publicly displayed mattered to Mrs Croft. Dog was her property. The Mother superior smiled, her tone gentle but ultimately condescending, "dog really has cost you a great deal hasn't she Mrs Croft". Mrs Croft gave a sneer, only partly disguised by a resentful smile and curtseyed abruptly, as if in an effort to hide her annoyance.

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