Friday, 26 April 2013

To celebrate getting my library back, enjoy a woman's suffering with me!!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

STILL, waiting for the new laptop to be rehabilitated, so 2tb of bondage movies and pictures are sitting untouchable on external drives. I've been hoarding this kind of thing for 20+ years but I'm stuck having to raid other peoples collections for inspiration, oh well! And just to really piss me off I have a cold so any hardcore game play is off the cards for a few days.

As soon as I feel better I SOOOO want to do this, time to stock up on vet wrap!!! Love Devonshire productions btw, if anyone knows any sources to get my hands on them let me know, I have gaps in my collection!

Until I'm back up to speed I'll take my frustrations out on the girl in the white silk dress and the Duchess. In book 11, I'll let James lift that silk and fuck her in the ass good and hard! With her arms tied so tight and her mouth wired shut she's in no position to complain (I know I wouldn't). 

As for the Duchess, I'll let James have her in book 12. I think a set up something like this could be fun.

Needs a little work but the basic set up's a start, head held higher mouth open wide? I have absolutely no shame in admitting I write about what turns me on.

Just one last piccie! 

I love the look of this set up, imagine going to a party or club and finding some one kept like this. Your not allowed to release or touch them, all you can do is watch them struggle and listen to them whimper and moan. Or even better, imagine being the person inside! You can't escape, you just have to endure, hour upon hour, trapped inside. Bound and gagged, suffering whatever clips, clamps, vibes, plugs and tortures your owners chosen to inflict on you. All those people, looking at you, enjoying your suffering and humiliation but not one lifting a finger to help!!!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

I'm contemplating letting James go to the Duchess's after the museum, I think it's time for James to get some hardcore action. After all, if her governess gives him permission he can do what he likes. All that bondage and rubber she won't be able to escape and even without a gag it's tough to scream with a cock down your throat!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Oh, how frustrating! Technology can be a joy or a torment. Just at the moment mine is currently being the latter. I'll try not to bore you with too much of the details but at the moment I'm running in a repaired laptop which has a tendency to blue screen for no apparent reason. Because of this I don't have access to my picture library, so I had a wander around my fave websites to look for some inspiration.

I came across some groovy pictures (which I'm sharing with you) for the upcoming doll hospital story but also a huge raft of banners for what are quite honestly REALLY lame sites. Ok we don't all have the same taste, fetish is a very subjective thing, every ones kink is different but I can't see the appeal in all these sites that have simpering women dressed in rubber making fake 'ooh' an 'ahh' noises while rather pointlessly stroking each other and god forbid they try to act!!!! "oh no, mistress is tying me up!!" cue feeble struggle and lots of lip licking. Awful, awful awful!!

Of course there's always one of the many, dumpy housewife in cheap corset sites to choose from. Women who are just a bit passed their prime posing tied to coffee tables and various bits of knackered house hold furniture. Ok that sounds harsh, I know everyone has a right to make money and indulge their whims but there really is some dross dressed up as fetish.

As atonement for my criticism of others, I promise, as a kinky woman past my prime, never to let my owner post pictures of me tied to various bits of knackered  household furniture anywhere on the internet.

Next time he chains me down to the bed and fucks me so hard in the ass, no gag on earth can keep me quiet it'll only appear as the written word, promise xxx

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Book ten, now in review!

I'm not sure this cover is up to scratch?? but I'm pushed for time so it'll have to do till I get time to improve it. The museum has ended up stretching over two books, a couple of the scenes were just too much fun to cut down, once you get into writing some things it's tough to put the brakes on. The museum books are going to be full of the freaky out there stuff, I'm thinking maybe I should tone it down for the next location but not sure? After all how can somewhere like the doll hospital or the Duchess's be grounded, there just asking to be outrageous! Here's a little bit of the first museum instalment to get the juices flowing xxx

Her head and face were enclosed in a rubber hood, roughly shaped to resemble that of a dog, black lenses obscured her eyes and a muzzle held the elongated jaw firmly closed. She stood perfectly still on all fours, the way what remained of her limbs tapered elegantly down to thick leather pads made it clear she was severely surgically altered. Her legs ended at the knee and her hands had been removed. The aforementioned pee problem had been solved by the introduction of a catheter bag which hung from a strap around dog’s thigh. It was unlikely that how dog felt about being so publicly displayed mattered to Mrs Croft. Dog was her property. The Mother superior smiled, her tone gentle but ultimately condescending, "dog really has cost you a great deal hasn't she Mrs Croft". Mrs Croft gave a sneer, only partly disguised by a resentful smile and curtseyed abruptly, as if in an effort to hide her annoyance.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

I think something resembling this young lady will open book 11! Just finished the last proof read of book 10. I gets a bit weird but it ticks all the right boxes for me so it's just a case of publish and see! It wanders into the dark freaky zone you only go to in your own head late at night. Hopefully ten will be published by next weekend. I'm thinking of doing a free promo with book one at the same time, see if I can't raise a bit of interest.

Meanwhile back in the real world I'm waiting for a remote control vibe to be delivered, should add a bit of shock and awe to game play!!!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Rigid, one of my favourite words!

I've been so busy it's taken a while for story ten to get into it's stride but managed to really get rolling yesterday. Gave a girl called Marie a really rough time with a couple of over sized dildos and a lot of leather!! Still a little uncertain about whether to go in heavy with the rubber? My personal taste is pretty eclectic, it's about the level of restraint as much as anything. Serious bondage have a delicious article up at the moment, lots of body bags etc!! A handy bit of inspiration for the museums mummy gallery.

Today's word is "rigid", as in "the layers of rubber and straps turned her into a rigid column of compressed and compacted femininity.