Saturday, 16 March 2013

What better excuse for buying new gear than needing subjects for cover photos! A rather gorgeous neck corset and pair of arm splints arrived this week. Of course they won't be just be for display, looking forward to putting them to practical use.

I have a feeling the museum may take up two stories it's taking on a bit of a life of it's own. I had a flick through some Benson illustrations and my imagination got the better of me! Never mind, perhaps I'll put it up for free for a couple of days, make up for the excerpt not matching the book.

Amazon rankings are still not working, missing data but it's lack of feedback that's more frustrating. Not digging for good reviews but would love to know whether readers prefer a more eclectic mix of scenes or the rubber stuff? ah well time will tell I guess, now can I use needing new cover materials as an excuse to buy a new spanking bench?.........yeah of course I can!!!

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